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Welcome to my personal vault, the place where I'm going to store bits of my daily life, that includes both professional experiences as well as random artifacts left behind by my ego. I'm not much skilled in addressing the public, but I'll be glad if you'll extract anything useful from this stash 😅

My creepy smile against you

Political correctness has poisoned the social interaction among individuals, I strongly support seriousness when is necessary, but don't expect me to express it here unless the situation requires it, so if you're new around, it's dangerous to go alone! Take thisYou, fellow that landed here by mistake and your weapon of choice


An accurate representation of myself, no difference at all

Nothing fancy here, I'm just an average dude who usually prioritizes facts in front of words, but long story short, I'm passionate about the basics of life, the most simple things are also the best and I love to craft new experiences across various fields such as Engineering, Music, and Design. I also enjoy cooking, and since nobody has died because of my meals yet, I think this can be considered an achievement

Professional Experience

Don't let yourself be fooled by my current and past official job titles, even though I've been working mostly as a DevOps Engineer, professionally speaking, I'm still a full-stack developer in the core, this means that I enjoy researching, planning, building and deploying my projects from zero to hero! Current job titles that people love to show on their social media profiles are sometimes confusing and they could mean all and nothing at the same time the perfect example being DevOps itself.

  • Overforged

    Owner and Freelancer

    Aug 2022 - Present6 mos
  • Axsys Romania

    Full Stack Engineer

    Feb 2022 - PresentNaN yrs
  • Modis ITO

    Sr. Infrastructure Engineer

    Oct 2021 - Feb 20224 mos
  • Resideo

    Sr. Cloud Development Engineer

    Jun 2021 - Oct 20215 mos
  • Assist Software SRL

    DevOps Engineer

    Assist Software
    Sep 2018 - Jun 20212 yrs 10 mos

Technologies and Skills

I'm a Linux Enthusiast, a supporter of Open Source, fallen in love with the JavaScript Ecosystem, and focused on the full process of software development. Have been working with many Frameworks, Cloud Services, and Programming Languages that I learned what I like and what I don't, that's why I'm attracted by new technologies, because of evolution.

What I'm Learning

The WebAssembly Logo

Also known as WASM, it's the 4th element parsed by Web Browsers along HTML, CSS and JavaScript, it compiles any language into binary code that the browser can interpret and execute, unbelievable!

The FaunaDB Logo

A serverless transactional Database with built in scalable API and native GraphQL Support. An awesome solution to integrate into any project that needs high availability persistend data on the edge!

The Serverless Framework Logo

A framework that is able to split entire applications into function chunks to run on Cloud Providers solutions that will auto-scale and provide secure and stable environments for any type of app!

Personal Projects

During my free time, I use to work on Personal Projects that can vary from websites to desktop apps, always trying to include new technologies and implement as much as possible from scratch. This helps me discover awesome tools and libraries and also keeps me motivated during the development process. Graphics are also made by myself through Open Source tools such as Blender for 3D rendering and composing and Krita for sketch and adjustments.

Currently Working On

Serverless Image-Service
Manage, manipulate and serve images on-demand
You, fellow that landed here by mistake and your weapon of choice

Personally Speaking

To keep it simple, I've never really settled anywhere during my life, been living in both Romania and Italy where I've been able to interact with a large range of people who left me with awesome experiences that I will never forget. I came into the programming world when I was in high school, fascinated by video games and the way websites started replacing desktop apps. To restore sanity during the day I made my primary hobby playing the guitar, something that I started before high school but never been consistent till recently. If you're having a hard time, it's better than therapy, I can guarantee!

Glasgow Kiss in E Standard by John Petrucci








After finishing high school in Italy, I've graduated from University in Romania at "Stefan cel Mare" under the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the Software IT Department. It has been such an interesting experience that I would recommend to everyone, anytime, all you need from life and also, all you don't need is there, classmates, events, hangovers, exams...

Computer Engineering Degree

"Stefan cel Mare" University
4 yrs • Oct 2016 - Sep 2020
Romania • Suceava
Stefan cel Mare - University | Suceava

Volunteering for Good

I've been recruited into Beard Brothers during University, a national NGO whose HQ is located in Cluj-Napoca with local branches spread across the country (Suceava in my case), mostly focused on fundraising resources for social services, and the people that I met were just awesome, made by students, teachers, designers, programmers, everyone with a big heart and desire to help the community! I used to create and manage the visual design of the media that appears in official event's social media, and also to carry the heavy stuff for the events themselves if needed, I was the one with the beer shuttle for the afterparty!

After organizing the first Beard Run edition in Suceava, collaborating with local sponsors
Most of Beard Brothers members on the stage for the pARTy Night event, ready to rock!

You, fellow that landed here by mistake and your weapon of choiceThanks for reading!

You are one of the few adventurers who reached this spot, I would like to thank you for going through my website and enduring all the crap that I left behind about myself and also encourage you to get in touch with me if you think we might share any interest, being it professional or personal, or even just for a beer if you are local! As a reward I'll let you alone with some fine pieces of music to enjoy, it's what I'm listening to right now on Spotify!

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